Pressure transducers in silos

In many silos, transducers are installed in the lower part of their legs, in a way that allows continuous weighing of the food in the silo. In the past, the weight data was transmitted linearly to a control center. In recent years, the weight data has been transferred via GSM communication. Now we can connect to the transducers using LORAWAN technology, which allows data received from many sensors to be transmitted from one transmitter. This allows for greater efficiency and considerable cost savings.
When installing new silos, we can insert a pressure transducer beneath each one of its legs.



Pressure transducers can arrive in different sizes and
forms, depending on the size of the silo. We need to
connect to the transducers, get the raw data, and upload
it to the cloud.

The farm owners can enjoy accurate information about the
feed status in the silos, without the need to pay big money
for using the GSM system.


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