Poultry weight platform

After years of trials, we developed the world’s first portable weight platform.
Fully automated, wireless, and standalone, it can be placed in the center of every zone, so the birds simply step on it, even several times a day, providing farmers with accurate weight readings (to 1 gram!), in real-time. Weights are only calculated if the platform detects one bird with two legs firmly in place.



The weight is connected to the transmitter we developed that transmits all
the data to the cloud (which is really a server farm that stores all the
information). ZEUS.AI 's experts then leverage their knowledge in the fields of
information analysis: artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), and
others to inform farmers’ next best course of action.

To ensure our weight platform generates the best possible results, we
recommend that farmers divide their chicken coops into several different
zones, allowing each zone to be monitored separately and compared against
the results of the other zones.
Key Benefits
Our AI capabilities enable us to capture the average weight – in
every zone. We compare the results of the different zone, and can
identify problems as soon as they happen. At the end of each day,
the farmer can get a very good picture of the average daily weight
gain in each zone.

Our weight platform is washable (IP68) and designed specifically for on-the-
farm use. It has a 90-day battery life, and the batteries are rechargeable, for
extreme convenience.
The frame is made of aluminum. The weighing surface is made of hard plastic.
Own weight: 9 kg. Weighing capacity: up to 12 kg.

Scale frame size: 60 cm X 35 cm X 8 cm
Weighing surface size: 45 cm X 35 cm X 8 cm
The frame has 4 adjustable plastic feet.
Size of the plastic box containing the transmitter and the climate sensors
( Outside temperature and humidity): 8.5 X 6 X 11 Cm


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