SMART HONEYBEE FARMING: Revolutionizing Tradition with Bee Intelligence​

Revolutionize Your Approach

Take control of your beekeeping venture, gain profitability, and transform traditional practices with Zeus.AI’s BEE INTELLIGENCE app. Connect with us to explore the future of smart honeybee farming and elevate your beekeeping experience.

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Transforming Beekeeping

For decades, beekeeping has remained rooted in tradition, experiencing minimal change. Zeus.AI is rewriting this narrative with a groundbreaking system designed to elevate beekeepers’ monitoring and control capabilities in remote hives. The BEE INTELLIGENCE app stands as a testament to our commitment to ushering in positive change in this age-old industry.

Unlocking Business Improvement

Embrace a new era in beekeeping with the BEE INTELLIGENCE app, a revolutionary solution that goes beyond tradition to enhance business outcomes significantly. This transformative tool empowers beekeepers with unprecedented insights and control.

Overcoming Challenges

Identify Varroa pest attacks or wasp invasions promptly

Real-time Threat Detection

Determine the ideal honey harvesting moments based on hive weights

The Alert System

Receive real time alerts in case of theft and track beehive movements for enhanced security.

Graphical Insights

In the accompanying screenshot, witness the weight graph of a hive
throughout the season. As honey production ceases, and bees consume stored honey, the BEE INTELLIGENCE app provides a visual representation of critical harvesting opportunities. This “sweet spot” signifies the optimal time for honey harvesting, a valuable insight for every beekeeper.

How it works?

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