Traditional agriculture is rapidly evolving, and an increasing number of farmers around the world are already enjoying the tremendous possibilities that new technologies present.

Zeus.AI Offers Smart And Affordable Solutions In The Following Agricultural Fields:

Smart Poultry Farming

Revolutionize Poultry Farming with Zeus.AI | Smart Monitoring Solutions

Enhance your poultry farming operations with Zeus.AI’s cuEngedge technology. Our smart monitoring solutions allow you to closely monitor bird health, weight, and environmental conditions in real-time. Improve overall efficiency, reduce risks, and boost profits through advanced insights and actionable data.

Smart Feedlots for Cattle and Pigs

Optimize Livestock Growth with Zeus.Al | Smart Feedlot Monitoring

Maximize the efficiency of your livestock feedlots with Zeus.AI’s advanced monitoring solutions. Our smart technology enables you to track weight gain, monitor health parameters, and assess environmental conditions. Streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and elevate profits in your cattle and pig feedlots.

Smart Honeybee Farming

Transform Beekeeping with Zeus.AI | Innovative Beehive Monitoring​

Experience a revolution in beekeeping with Zeus.AI’s BEE INTELLIGENCE app. Monitor hive health, prevent pests, and optimize honey harvesting. Take control of your beekeeping operation, receive real-time alerts, and gain valuable insights. Elevate your beekeeping results with our innovative technology.

Smart Shrimp and Fish Farming

Revolutionize Aquaculture with Zeus.AI | RAS Zero Discharge Solutions

Embrace the future of shrimp and fish farming with Zeus.AI’s RAS zero discharge technology. Monitor crucial water parameters, optimize growth conditions, and ensure sustainable aquaculture practices. Our advanced solutions empower you to take control, gain profit, and contribute to the success of your shrimp and fish farming venture.

Logistic Solutions

Efficient Farm Logistics | Zeus.AI Smart Sensors for Feed and LPG

Improve the efficiency of your farm logistics with Zeus.AI’s radar and pressure sensors. Our smart technology allows you to monitor feed levels, control LPG consumption, and streamline animal feed trucking operations. Take control of your logistics, reduce costs, and gain profit with Zeus.AI’s innovative solutions.

Smart Agriculture Equipment

Empower Agriculture Equipment with Zeus.AI | Innovative IoT Solutions

Empower your agriculture equipment with Zeus.AI’s innovative IoT solutions. Connect devices to the Internet, gain real-time control, and offer your customers optimized agricultural experiences. Our advanced technology, coupled with extensive industry knowledge, enables you to make your equipment ‘smarter’ than ever. Explore the possibilities and elevate your products with Zeus.AI.



We aim to generate our profits from the cloud services we provide.
Our customers are required to pay for the sensors and communication providers and receive the applications for free.

Our Cloud Services

We offer innovative cloud services that keep farmers and end customers ever in-the-know. We use the best available data analysis tools:  Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), and Machine learning (ML). 

Monthly prices for the software package + cloud communication

Our Transmitter

The transmitter we’ve developed ensures ongoing, quality two-way flow of information from the site to the cloud, enabling real-time updates and alerts to be transmitted. It comes with a durable battery with a lifespan of five (5 ! ) years of continuous operation – and even longer.

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