Let Zeus’s hand make magic with your data​

Advanced cloud services for analasys monitoring and tracking in real time

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An advanced system that enables real time data extraction from sensors and radars and conducts monitoring and proccessing in real time, all this is carried out on the advanced system on the ZEUS cloud

Data Tracking

Advanced Real Time Reports

Real Time Analytics

Data Analytics and Insights

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Years of experience and development of the most advanced technologies have enabled us to set up the most advanced systems for you to be able to monitor data in real time, Data processing and machine learning in the most professional and extensive manner for your farm or factory.

So what is it we do?

Zeus is a tech company that develops practical technology for controllers, sensors, weight indicators, radars and other devices to grant you the ultimate real-time control hub for you facility. Whether it’s a factory, a greenhouse, or an agricultural farm, you will find we have the ultimate solutions for controlling and monitoring all your devices. Our systems know how to extract data from your sensors, conduct am extensive analysis using our algorithm and provide you with real-time indications and data for the best management of your facility

After years of research we found the perfect DNA to manage your data, join us and get more for your business

Let Zeus’s hand make magic with your data

Connect with our team

Founder and CEO

Ido Hadad

Founder and CEO of CannabiSense (and successful serial entrepreneur in AI applied in agricultural environments), our team is comprised of leading experts in all key aspects of this business: engineering; cultivation; indoor and outdoor growing environments; cannabis cultivation specifically; and regulatory and other important issues that must be top-of-mind throughout the cultivation and production process. We bring to your operation the optimal blend of pragmatic and professional experience

VP of Engineering, Embedded Systems expert

Nir Bejerano

Holds a BSc degree in Physics and Computer Science from Ben-Gurion University.

Experienced, passionate technologist with extensive technical capabilities in diverse software domains. Over 20 years of experience in building products from scratch, deep knowledge in developing mobile & web applications and games for WEB, IOS and Android. Over 10 years of experience in developing Embedded systems..

CTO, IoT Solutions Expert & Data Architect

Uri Genin

20 years of Software Development and System Architecture experience working for both large multinational companies and fast growing startups.

Biz-Dev, MA. Eco, Cash-Flow, GTD

Itai Handler

Experienced business analyst, after years in credit & finance sector he became a Project manager.

like to get things moving and to resolves blockers.

UX/UI Specialist, Designer, Illustrator, Animator, Product Manager

Amit Cohen

32 years old with ten years of experience in characterization and product design, Managing developing teams, Market research and analysis, and system appropriation

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