Climate sensors


Zeus.AI climate sensor gives accurate information in real time about different climate parameters.
– We install different sensors that detect various metrics in each zone’s surrounding area.
– The data collected by the sensors is transmitted to the cloud on multiple occasions, throughout the day. Exceeding the indicators that are pre- defined in our system immediately activates an alert that is sent to the application.



The data collected every 10 minutes and transmitted to the cloud through our transmitter.
-Outside temperature
– Lux (light intensity)
– Humidity
– THI – Temperature-humidity index.
– CO2 levels.
Our basic set of sensors are located inside the box where the transmitter is placed.
In addition, especially for pigs' feedlots, it is highly recommended to install
ammonia sensors.
Our ammonia sensor immediately detects a dangerous deviation in the
ammonia values and sends an alert to the farm managers. If necessary,
the ventilation system on the farm receives an instruction from the
cloud to operate immediately, in order to bring about a rapid reduction
in the level of ammonia in the air.

 Needless to say, that good environmental conditions are essential to the animal's
welfare and to the business success of the feedlots.
 The farmers get alerts in real time of any abnormal (or unwanted) reading.


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