SMART FEEDLOTS FOR CATTLE AND PIGS PAGE : Revolutionizing Livestock Management​

In the realm of livestock management, Zeus.AI introduces a paradigm shift, offering revolutionary solutions for tracking the weight of livestock in feedlots. Our years of trials and dedication have led to the development of groundbreaking systems, transforming traditional practices in the field.​

Innovation Unleashed​

For pig feedlots, we proudly present the world’s first portable weighing platform. This fully automated, wireless, and standalone solution provides real-time insights into the average daily weight gain in specific zones, empowering farmers with precise data for informed decision-making.

For catle feedlots, our solution is a synergy of two sensors: a bolus easily inserted into the feeder’s stomach and a weighing device located beside each manger. By combining and analyzing data from these sensors, farmers receive accurate weight measurements for each feeder multiple times a day. The system identifies each feeder through the bolus signal, providing a comprehensive view of their weight dynamics.

Taking Control, Gaining Profit​

Witness how Zeus. AI’s system enables farmers to monitor and control the average weight gain in a designated pen. The tracking process begins when feeders weigh an average of 30 kg each, culminating in an average weight of 112 kg after 90 days in the feedlot.

Industry Transformation​

The livestock management field, unchanged for many years, now undergoes a transformative process. Zeus.AI replaces time-consuming operational tasks, offering a system that not only saves resources but also enhances control over the herd. Drawing meaningful conclusions about animal health and identifying potential issues before they arise, our system brings efficiency to a previously stagnant industry.


Embrace the future of livestock management with Zeus.AI, where innovation meets tradition. Streamline your operations, save resources, and gain unprecedented control over your herd. Ready to redefine your approach to feedlots? Connect with us and unlock the potential for growth and efficiency.


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