Radar for silos

This is another unique development of ours, and we are very
proud of it. It is a relatively small device, which we assemble in
the upper part of the silo. The device operates on VHF radio
waves, and the artificial intelligence in the cloud knows how to
calculate the amount of food in the silo with an accuracy of +/-



The device consists of two parts: the brain and the radar, which
are inside a blue box measuring 15 X 5 X 10 cm.
And an aluminum cone of variable length depending on the
size of the silo. (Approximately 30 cm).

The farm owners can enjoy a product that gives them reliable
information about the amount of food in the silo at any given
The information is transmitted to the cloud using our
transmitter, which is transmitting information from other
sensors on the farm, and hence it results in significant savings in communication expenses.


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