Weighing system for feeder cattle in feedlots




Our weighing system consists of two components, which together make it possible for the
farmers to receive and record the exact weight of each feeder, several times a day. This
enables the accurate tracking of each feeder’s weight gain graph, during the fattening
The first part of the system is a permanent weighing device, which is installed next to each
manger. When the feeder comes to eat, it must stand on the scale, and thus its weight is
recorded and recorded.
The second part of the system is small, but very important: this is a Bolus, a small and sealed
capsule in the shape of a cylinder, which can be inserted without a problem into the
stomach of the feeder cattle, and remains there until it is slaughtered. To this bolus we
insert a few sensors. One of them is an identification sensor, enabling the exact association
of the weight data with its specific feeder. We install a device that easily capture the
transmission from the boluses, so when a feeder steps on the scale, our system captures the
identity data of the specific feeder, and puts the weight captured at that time into its
information folder.

Our revolutionary system allows the farmer to receive accurate and continuous monitoring
of the weight gain of each and every feeder.
The farmer can immediately identify various problems, both in the quality of the feed, and in
the health of the feeders.
The frame and structure of the weighing device are made of stainless steel.
The weighing device Comes in several sizes, depending on the size of the feeders. (up to 4
up to 8 months, and over 8 months).
The system's own weight: 40 kg.
Weighing capacity up to 2 tons.


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