LPG gas tank monitoring gauge

Our Gas tank monitoring Gauge works in conjunction with our Transmitter to enable remote monitoring and transmission of the amount of gas percentage in a tank, to the cloud. In doing so, farmers can better manage their gas tanks, while saving on valuable resources associated with advanced remote monitoring capabilities.



We use an on-shelf existing monitoring gauge and connect it to our transmitter. The Zeus.AI
Transmitter sends the relevant data to the cloud. The data is formatted into readable
spreadsheets, and maintenance/logistics activities can be planned accordingly.

Measurements are taken by a magnetic dial sensor that connects to an internal horizontal
buoy. This buoy converts vertical motion into circular motion, using a needle and a
percentage dial to mark changes in gas volume. The needle’s placement is transmitted
directly to the cloud, and from there, to the gas company’s computer and the end
customer’s application, respectively.
The Zeus.AI Transmitter can be installed within the gas tank’s accessory lid, in accordance
with requisite safety regulations, in various countries.

 Dynamic daily information on gas volumes, enabling timely refills
 Diverse analysis and execution capabilities, in the cloud


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