Weight device for beehives + additional sensors


After years of trials, we developed a portable weight platform for beehives.
Fully automated, wireless, and standalone, it provides beekeepers with accurate weight readings (to 1 gram!) of the beehive, and the average weigh of the beehives in each site, in real-time.

To each weighting device we attach additional sensors:
Climate sensors (Outside temperature, Lux , Humidity and THI – Temperature- humidity index .)
Displacement sensor: that gives an alert if somebody is moving the device.
GPS sensor: that gives once a day a signal regarding the location of the device.
In case someone is moving the device, the GPS sensor starts to send signals every 10 minutes. In this way the beekeeper can trace the device in case of theft.



The weight and the accompanied sensors are connected to the transmitter
we developed that transmits all the data to the cloud. ZEUS.AI & experts then
leverage their knowledge in the fields of information analysis: artificial
intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), and others to inform farmers’ next
best course of action.

Key Benefits
1. Identifying whether the hive has bee attacked by the Varroa
destructor pest or by wasps, or if the queen has died, as early
as possible.
2. Determining optimal honey harvesting times, based on hive
3. Our AI capabilities enable giving the beekeeper an early
recommendation for moving hives from a specific site to
different location.

Our weight platform is washable (IP68) and designed specifically for
field use. It has a 12 month battery life, and the batteries are
rechargeable, for extreme convenience.
The frame is made of aluminum
The weighing surface is made of hard plastic.
Own weight: 9 kg.
Weighing capacity: up to 300 kg.

Scale frame size: 60 cm X 35 cm X 8 cm
Weighing surface size: 45 cm X 35 cm X 8 cm
The frame has 4 adjustable plastic feet.
The Size of the plastic box containing the transmitter and the climate
sensors : 8.5 X 6 X 11 Cm


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