Real-time tracking and data analysis. Allows you to take out of your farm more

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Advanced farm management tools

tracking and managing livestock, reviewing veterinary reports, tracking and monitoring moisture, temperature, water flow and consumption, water temperature, food consumption, heat flashes, controlling lighting and electric blinds. analyzing livestock health and data regarding growth processes, all in real time

Real Time Analytics

Advanced Real Time Reports

Data Analytics and Insights


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So what is it we do

Zeus is a tech company that develops practical technology for controllers, sensors, weight indicators, radars and other devices to grant you the ultimate real-time control hub for you facility. Whether it’s a factory, a greenhouse, or an agricultural farm, you will find we have the ultimate solutions for controlling and monitoring all your devices. Our systems know how to extract data from your sensors, conduct am extensive analysis using our algorithm and provide you with real-time indications and data for the best management of your facility

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