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Real-time tracking and data analysis. Allows you to take out of your farm more

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Zeus Intelligence Ltd. is an Israeli-based company which is engaged solely in deploying innovative software (patents pending) to improve results in Agriculture market. We achieve this through expertise developed over decades in the agriculture sector generally and cannabis specifically, by applying machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to this niche sector.

The global cannabis sector is an emerging market with enormous potential. We believe that the downward pressure on commodity prices will continue, making it increasingly critical for any company cultivating cannabis to manage costs and quality aggressively. Zeus Intelligence is the solution to this challenge.

Led by Ido Hadad, founder and CEO of Zeus Intelligence (and successful serial entrepreneur in AI applied in agricultural environments), our team is comprised of leading experts in all key aspects of this business: engineering; cultivation; indoor and outdoor growing environments; cannabis cultivation specifically; and regulatory and other important issues that must be top-of-mind throughout the cultivation and production process. We bring to your operation the optimal blend of pragmatic and professional experience. 

Real Time Analytics

Advanced Real Time Reports

Data Analytics and Insights

CannabiSense Goals

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CannabiSense will design and build a customized software analytics platform for One World to be used exclusively at the sites. The hardware installed will measure a range of objective metrics, such as light, moisture, heat, etc, as identified by One World as being core variables determining crop efficiency and output.

Once installed, the hardware will provide a constant feed of data to CannabiSense’s cloud-based, software analytics platform, which may be received, interpreted and analyzed in real time. This data will allow CannabiSense to determine immediately which variables must be adjusted, the degree of change required and the precise locations at the sites in which this must be effected.

Such intelligence will facilitate the improved health of the subject plants as well as concentration of quality product



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Real time farm controlling application

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reports App

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control screen {Scada}

Agronom reports


Heat Map




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Water Control

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Artificial Intelligence

Analytics engine

BI Reports

Analytics engine

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After years of research we found the perfect DNA to manage your data, join us and get more for your business

CannbiSense Modules


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eal time farm
controlling application

Seed-to-sale system

full monitored data using tracking IDs

Gathers your useful data in order to control your farm

Gathers your useful data in order to control your farm – you can choose what is the data that you need in order to get more significant managing information, the easier it is to make the right decision

Real time data monitoring

Real time data monitoring – knowing things in advance. With this the exact quantity of supplies, water distribution and consumption, intelligent energy management and security distribution gets collected easily

Enhances Device Communication

Enhances Device Communication All the devices of your farm can be monitored and controlled in one platform and speak the same language.

Focus On Automation & Control

Focus On Automation & Control the machines can lead a faster and timely output. Allows you to initiate and not to react.need in order to get more significant managing information, the easier it is to make the right decision

Disaster Mechanism

In the event of a disaster or emergency situation this mechanism is activated to immediately recalibrate the relevant variables

Organization control

allows the organization to control the individual business units by function: Overall Management; Agronomy; Economics; Laboratories, etc.

Indoor/Outdoor control

Total control with respect to: water devices; fans; temperature and humidity heaters/coolers Fans & Electricity, air pressure, lux level, Co2 levels.

Silo measurements – volume, capacity and weight

Grounding measurements – tensiometer 

Alerts & Notifications – set up boundaries & rules. 

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